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Just Put That Record On

I Feel Like Dancing Tonight

Life on Vinyl
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This community is for people who collect records, and want to have a chance to show them off. Anyone, with any music tastes can join. Feel free to sell, trade, or offer to buy, if you feel like it.

A few rules:
1. Keep photos under a cut
2. If someone posts something by a band you don't like, don't say things like: "Fuck that band" "They suck" "Poseur" etc. So, don't be stupid, you can get banned. But by all means, you can debate and bring up good arguments about why you think a band isn't good, just keep it smart. Basically: debating=good; acting like an ignorant moron=bad.
3. If you join, be sure to post
4. Feel free to boast about records. It's your find, you should be able to bragg about it.
5. Have fun with this!